Thursday, 12 June 2014

Meet The Modern Day Robin Hoods, Who Take From The Bins To Feed Those In Need

From the Huffington Post: what amazing people!!

It is estimated that some half a million Brits are turning to food banks to feed their families. But all the while, the very same country is producing around 15 million tonnes of food waste each year. Is it me or is something just not adding up?

But one organisation - known as The Real Junk Food Project - has put two and two together and are single-handedly intercepting this vital food source to feed those who need it most.

The project distributes food in one of two ways: serving up meals at affordable prices in the Pay What You Feel cafe (customers literally pay what they can afford) and providing a food bank service.
Think of them as the modern day Robin Hoods... just without the stealing.
real junk food project

The Real Junk Food Project volunteer team: (l-r) Issie Hatfield, Issy Burkitt, Ben Muñoz, John Penman, Malvika Singh, Sam Adams, Marianna Musset, Sam Joseph, Adam Smith, Adam Wilson, Juan Muñoz

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Suicide jobseeker Martin Hadfield wanted to launch own gardening firm before his tragic death

Another death; I've decided to start reporting them (original source: Daily Mirror):

Tragic Martin Hadfield, who killed himself in despair after being unable to find a job, was talking with his dad about setting up a family gardening team

Tragic Martin Hadfield, who killed himself in despair after being unable to find a job , was looking to branch out on his own before his death, his heartbroken dad revealed.

Martin, 20, was rejected for more than 40 jobs and left feeling worthless, an inquest heard last month.
His dad, also Martin, told the Mirror they were talking about becoming a family gardening team at the time he took his own life.

Mr Hadfield said: “We were both unemployed so we sat down together in front of the computer and produced a CV.
“We talked about doing landscaping together, setting up as father and son.”

He said his boy, from Tottington, Greater Manchester, was left “broken” by the “arrogant” Government after looking for work for so long but finding none. “When he said he would do any job, he meant any job. "But if you are a square peg and don’t fit in that round hole you get hammered in or abandoned and who cares if some people get broken ?”

Martin, 50, is now doing a solo 130-mile trek across Scotland to raise money and awareness for men’s mental health charity CALM. The former soldier has been training for the walk that will take him from Blairgowrie to Burghead next month. He added: “I’m raising money for CALM in order to prevent other youngsters committing suicide and family members going through what we have.
"They have a help line to support men.”
To sponsor Martin find his page at  or text MARH92 and the amount to 70070